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Benefits of industrial property

It protects technical ideas, trade marks and designs from imitators.

The owner holds - for example - for a patent up to 20 years and for a utility patent
up to 10 years exclusively the right - which is a monopoly - to produce, to use and
to market the subject of protection. He has the right of interdiction, thus he can prohibit third parties the manufacturing, the commercial use and the sales or the
pure offering of the protected product.

He can require, that an infringement of his industrial property right - which is known
to him - has to be stopped immediately, whereupon the violator has to pay the disprofits of the owner, which incurred so far.

The owner of an industrial property right can request from a violator information
about the origin of the infringing goods. Possibly still existing goods must be destroyed on instructions received from the owner.

If you don't want to use your industrial property for manufacturing and selling the protected product, you can grant licenses - either a single exclusive license or several nonexclusive licenses.

Industrial properties are an important argument for marketing and sales and
enhance the prestige of an entity remarkably.

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